What is Jobflow?


JobFlow is a complete 'Work management' system. It will help you to manage and grow your business, bringing all areas under control with powerful real time communication and reporting. JobFlow is suitable for reactive works, preventive maintenance and large projects. It is scalable for any size of business and offers flexibility with different data capture device options; choose between our Android App for bespoke electronic forms or Destiny Digital Pen to retain your existing paper forms. The JobFlow system also works with TomTom telematics, adding first class navigation, fuel management, driver behaviour reporting and vehicle tracking.

For You

  • Gets You Organised
  • Lets You Get On with the Job
  • Manages Stock
  • Manages People
  • Records Certificates
  • Links to Your Accounts
  • Maximises Profits
  • Allows Your Business to Grow
  • For more information about Jobflow, or to discuss how Jobflow can be tailored to your specific needs, please call 01322 420140 or alternatively email enquiries@dmsystem.co.uk


Gets You Organised

All details of each job are kept together, helping you plan and manage resources more efficiently. It can store product manuals, photos, risk assessments, certifcates etc giving you access to all job information on one screen. JobFlow can show site specific data (no access Tuesday or asbestos register data etc ) which is displayed whenever a call is placed for that site.

Lets You Get On with The Job

Because your workflow and documentation is better organised, you’ll find you have more time ‘on site’ earning and less on ‘office paperwork’.

Manages Stock

JobFlow can track stock in multiple locations including vehicles. Records are adjusted as stock is issued or used, so you know where it is and when you need more! Optimum stock level settings ensure you don't run out or overstock. Hired plant is also recorded and JobFlow won’t let you close a job until you have notified return of any hired equipment.

Manages People

JobFlow helps you to plan your operatives time more efficiently. Jobs can be scheduled to an operative and their work load can be viewed in the company diary. As jobs are completed, the company diary is automatically updated.

Records Certificates (eg NICEIC)

JobFlow can be set to flag jobs that require certification and reports can be run on certificate expiry dates. Certificates can be attached to job records and searches can be made by certificate number to determine the job and site to which they were issued.

Links to Your Accounts

Purchase and sales invoice transactions can be exported to most specialist accounts packages, eg. Sage 50, 100 and 200, Sage Construct, Exchequer, Xero.

Maximises Profits

Whatever it is you want to know, JobFlow can tell you. Up to the minute reports are available on-demand, by any parameters to help you plan your business. Plus, with TomTom integration, clear reporting on vehicles, trip mileage and working hours helps you control your fleet. We can provide a dashboard of your KPIs too, giving you an instant and up to date picture of the service you are providing.

Allows Your Business to Grow

JobFlow is scalable and ideal for any size of company.